Ever since Google has released Google Plus, they have been favoring bloggers that promote the platform. With the social network, they also released a tool called blog authorship. Basically, your Google Plus profile image will display next to every blog post you publish on your website. Authorship not only makes people inclined to click on your link, but Google favors blogs that use it. Alongside Pagerank, they are using a new system called Author Rank to order search results. Author Rank can be obtained only by writing good, quality articles that have an attached profile, which is what this tutorial will be helping you do.

Google Plus Authorship

  1. The first step to implementing the Google Plus Authorship feature into your WordPress blog is to download the WordPress plugin.
  2. After the plugin is installed, activate it and go to your Google Plus profile.
    Chrome URL Bar
  3. Copy your Google Plus URL and put it into the correct spot on your WordPres Profile page that can be found by going to Users > Your Profile.
  4. Go to Settings > Google Plus Author and scroll down to the bottom two options. I recommend replacing your author link with your Google Plus profile and turning off the link in the content section.
  5. Use the Google Rich Snippets tool to test your authorship profile. Enter a permalink in the box for an article you have written and see if it works.

That’s it! Your profile image will now automatically show up next to your blog posts in Google. Remember that if you have multiple authors, you have to add their Google Plus profiles by going to Users > All Users.