iSlider is a smooth mobile touch slider for Mobile WebApp, HTML5 App, Hybrid App. It is a high performance,dependency free, mobile-platform javascript slider. It can handle any elements that need to be slide, like picture list or different dom elements.

islider - Smooth Slider For Webapps


Main Features:

  • Performance is extremely great with hardware acceleration and little memory consumption.
  • Animation can be customized with user defined functions (default, rotate, depth, flow, flip, card).
  • You can easily hook to a plethora of custom events (onslidestart, onslide, onslideend, onslidechange).
  • Damping effect, Infinite Looping, Autometic sliding and Vertical/Horizontal Sliding can be configured.
  • Support desktop gesture which is convenient for testing.
  • Support image preloader to improve user experience.


Demo Website