As of June 13, 2012,¬†Australian¬†electronics retailer is charging customers using Internet Explorer 7 or lower an additional 6.8% on their purchases. IE7 was released in 2006, which makes the browser six years old… The Internet has changed a lot in the past six years and Internet Explorer doesn’t support those new technologies. Things like HTML 5, CSS 3, and advanced PHP and JavaScript coding will not run properly in IE7. This means that web designers either have to ignore that it doesn’t work or place special lines of code that produce an entirely different effect for Internet Explorer users.

Internet Explorer Tax

Being a web designer myself, I know that the extra work to get websites to work in IE is annoying… Microsoft is fragmenting the Internet with their web browser that is heavily used by the government, companies, and other places that do not allow users to install additional browsers.

The way Kogan decided to go about it is great! They display a popup message to IE users explaining to them the problems with their browser. Not only do they explain the problem, but they offer four solutions: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera. I think that the “Internet Explorer 7 Tax” will help users better understand the problems outdated browsers cause web designers.

IE Tax Cost