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Here are some most useful jQuery Mobile plugins for you. These are developed for mobile websites and allow you to perform features such as mobile swipe touch, lazy record loading, pagination, mobile image galleries, mobile touch scroll and more! Enjoy!


AlphaScroll is a awesome mobile JQuery plugin which is used on jQuery Mobile listviews that are alphabetically sorted and include autodividers.

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PhotoSwipe is a HTML/CSS/JavaScript based image gallery specifically designed for mobile devices. It supports mobile handsets running WebKit based browsers such as iOS, Android and Blackberry 6. PhotoSwipe also runs on the desktop and has been tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 and above and in a limited capacity on Windows Phone 7.

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Mobi Pick is an Android-style datepicker widget for jQuery Mobile. It uses the date library XDate and allows progressive enhancement for date input fields using Modernizr

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This is an extremely beautiful plugin designed to be used on touch devices as an alternative to the jQuery UI date picker. It support iOS, Android, WP8, BlackBerry & Kindle
as well as every major mobile and desktop browser supported.

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Lazyloading is a great way to optimize the performance of any app that contains a list of 50 or more items. With the LazyLoader Widget for jQuery Mobile, you can easily lazyload any listview without having to write a bunch of custom code to accomplish it. The idea is to enable the widget on index pageinit, and then track instances of pages that contain listviews that can all be independently lazyloaded with the main widget instance.

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jQuery Mobile Pagination

The Pagination plugin creates touch-drag navigation between separate HTML pages. Simply add this plugin to your page and link together documents via ordinary HTML anchors. The linked pages will pre-fetch, and in browsers that support touch events, you’ll be able to drag between the linked pages, while desktop users can navigate with mouse or keyboard.

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960 Grids

jquery-mobile-960 is a popular jquery mobile plugin which merge the flexibility of 960.gs, and the ease of jquery mobile. It aims to bring more flexibility to jquery-mobile layout and thus make it easier to use on tablets. It is a much better solution then native jQuery Mobile grid mainly because it provides much better functionality.

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DateBox is a jQueryMobile plugin that aims to make user interaction with dates and times simple and intuitive. It is a colloborative work, with a full range of features allowing easy implementation, and painless extensibility.

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