Going into the Google PageRank update that occurred yesterday, August 2nd, Omega Web was a PR1 blog. I bought the OmegaWeb.com domain name in May 2012 and it had PR1 when I bought it, so I already had a head start. After the PageRank update, Omega Web was still PR1, but some of my other websites experienced some changes.

Website PageRank

Although I was kind-of bummed that Omega Web’s PageRank didn’t increase, I am excited about some of the other changes that occurred:

  • OmegaWeb.com (launched May 2012) – stayed PR1, but inner pages such as Omega Web Directory have changed from PR0 to PR1.
  • AquariumWatch.com (launched July 2012) – stayed PR0.
  • FranklinCountySale.com (launched July 2012) – upgraded from PR0 to PR1 in less than one month.
  • HowToMakeLumpia.com (launched March 2012) – stayed PR0, should be at least PR1 next update.

The only update that I’m actually happy about is my Franklin County Yard Sale website. I built that site using Open Classifieds just a couple of weeks ago, but it instantly took off and gained PageRank. I didn’t spend time building backlinks, good content, or anything. Everything listed on the site was completely user-entered and apparently Google liked that concept. Other than that, I will just have to wait a couple more months until the next PageRank update for something major.