Responsive Design is a new approach to web development which makes the website design compatible across devices. This approach gives an exact look to website to run on all devices such as smart phones, laptops or desktops, iPads and other tablets. Currently every client on the web these days are looking for a website that will function just as on mobile devices as it does on desktop browsers.

Peoples who are new to this concept, Responsive Web Design is a design technique that completely focuses on a user’s environment and behaviour based on the orientation and size of his screen as well as the platform. This methodology deals with smart blend of images combined with the smart usage of CSS. When a user switches from his desktop or laptop screen to his iPad or iPhone, the website will automatically fit the device’s screen.

In brief, you are developing website with a kind of smart intelligence which lets it respond to the user’s environment. Actually responsive web design has gained popularity in the Web Design World as it end the need of having different development and design phases for every different project.

So if you are looking for inspiration for your next website, you should look at these fresh and stylish responsive design layouts which cover a wide range of design strategies.

1. Burto

2. Ableton

3. Polygon

4. Foodsense

5. Skinnyties

6. Starbucks

7. Gravitatedesign

8. Abduzeedo

9. Crayola

10. Clear air challenge