Cox Internet Slow

When we first signed up for Cox Communications cable TV, digital telephone, and high-speed Internet, everything went well. That’s not to say that Cox didn’t mess up every once in a while, but for the most part, they did a great job, we had a steady Internet connection, and their cable and telephone services were reliable. Lately, that has not been the case and I decided that it may be helpful to share some of my experiences with Cox.

During the Summer months of 2010, we decided that we wanted to install a drainage system around our house. It rains a lot in Florida and the lower areas in the yard tend to collect water if it is a large storm. When I was digging the trench for the pipe that will run down the front yard, I hit our Internet line with my shovel and severed it. Not only did I hit the line, but it was only buried about six or seven inches under the ground… I was needing to dig down eighteen inches for the drainage pipe. We called Cox and asked them to come put in a new line because our current one was not working. When the technician showed up, he opened up the box at the bottom of the yard, ran a black wire from the box in the yard to the box at our house, connected the two, told us our Internet should now be working, and then left. He did tell us that somebody should be coming out to our house to bury the wire “in the coming weeks.” Well, after about a month, nobody ever came and we ended up having to bury the cable ourselves.

Cox Internet Slow

Also during 2010, we started to have a very slow Internet connection. We decided to call Cox and ask them to come out to our house to take a look. All the guy did was check to make sure everything was hooked up, then came to the door to tell me that everything should be okay. I continued to tell him that everything was not okay, we were experiencing a very slow Internet connection, and it had nothing to do with our setup. It was then that he noticed me pull out my Droid X to check my email. According to the Cox Communications technician, “those Droid smartphones emit such a strong signal that they interfere with our Cox cable modems.” Instead of arguing with him, I simply wanted to get him out the door. He clearly had no idea what he was talking about and was just trying to save himself with an excuse that would make it my fault the Internet was slow. If all the smartphones in the Droid line interfered with your cable modem, nobody would buy them… Furthermore, cable modems are exactly what their name calls them – cable modems. They don’t give off or receive any type of wireless transmission, which means they won’t be affected by any type of wireless device.

In 2011, I decided it was time to ditch the blue Linksys router and purchase one with a little more power. We spent about $100 on a D-Link router that promised 300 Mbps speeds over WiFi. That sounded all great until we set up the router to find that it made absolutely no difference at all. Our Internet was still slow and it was entirely Cox’s fault – not ours. Since they obviously couldn’t help us, all we could do was ignore it and deal with the slow connections.

Cox Communications Bandwidth Chart

Finally fed up with the constant dropped connections and slow Internet speeds, we decided to purchase more bandwidth. We were currently paying $53.99 for the Preferred plan, but called Cox and they switched us over to the Premier plan. The Premier plan includes download speeds up to 28 Mbps (megabits per second) and upload speeds of 5 Mbps.

Slow Download

After we upgraded our bandwidth, I was trying to download an update to Firefox. According to Cox, we should have download speeds up to 3.5 MB/second (the equivalent of 28 Mbps, which is megaBITS per second). This means that downloading a 30.7 MB file would only take 8.77 seconds… What’s depressing is that it took over seven minutes to download completely. We have the highest bandwidth that Cox offers and it was still that slow! We are promised to get 3.5 MB/sec speeds, but we are only being delivered speeds up to 50 KB/sec… And that’s on a good day when there’s only one computer on the network.

After all these complications with Cox Communications, I think it may be time to switch to Century Link. They only offer DSL Internet in our area, but anything has to be better than this!