I have been running a web design business now for over 17 years and I really wish I had found the scheduling software I’m using now much sooner.  It has saved me hours of time, my client’s love it and my leads are automatically filtered.  The software I use is called www.scheduleonce.com.  Unfortunately they don’t currently offer an affiliate program, or I would be using it, because this is a service that I think should be used by anyone running a service type business.

The main reason I use this software is to free up my time.  It used to be that I had to call back a client immediately or lose the sale.  However, I have found that using this software has increased sales, because the lead feels they have received an immediate response, but at the same time, you have time to gather information and call them at the time they have chosen.  But, this time is also within your chosen time frame, which is configurable in the software.  So basically, you can choose when you want to work and black out the times you don’t.  You can also configure it so it works with your time zone and you won’t miss calls.  This really helps to let you live your life and also sell to your leads, without losing sales.

They also have a great reminder system, with lots of configuration options.  You can configure it to send emails and different time intervals, so you can remind the lead/client when you will call them.  The reminders are sent via email.  I love this feature, but without it, you would never know if a client cancelled and you would waste time calling them.

I have the software set-up so that when someone fills in my lead capture form to request a web design estimate, they are then directed to a schedule form, which allows them to choose several dates and times that fit  their schedule.

To integrate the software into your site, they give you many options, you can view their feature list and options here.

If you are trying to manage your time without losing sales, I highly recommend you give this scheduling software a try, or find other scheduling software that fits your needs better.  I could not imagine living without it now, as I’ve bee using it for year.

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