Drupal Commerce provides ecommerce solution just like popular PHP open-source Magento, Opencart, oscommerce etc. It’s a complete ecommerce solution which helps to build e-shop within minutes. Actually Drupal Commerce transforms Drupal into an Ecommerce platform that lets developers to develop a flexible ecommerce website rather than reinventing. It also fully retains the benefits of Drupal and completely compatible with Drupal 7 technologies, modules, best practices, and skills. It’s a awesome ecommerce solution with some special features and functionality which we’ll discuss here.


Easy Content Management

Drupal Commerce provides easy customizing of content in a very flexible way. Drupal Commerce handles this by implementing their own entities and fields relating to products, line items, orders, customer profiles, and payment transactions.


Flexible Business Rules

Drupal Commerce helps to create few hard-coded assumptions about their business. You can create rules for product pricing, shopping cart, checkout and payment with small set of base systems that enable the implementation of a wide range of business rules.


Flexible Products Management

Drupal Commerce works with more than just physical products. Developers can configure it to sell deals, files, or content. They can also allow customers to customize products before checkout with specific parameters and user-generated content.


Variety of Customized Modules

Drupal is rich with its variety of contributed modules. Drupal Commerce is also contributed with variety of modules which ads feature and functionality like include shipping quotes for physical products, stock control for limited-quantity products, file downloads, coupons, an address book, and more.


Compatible with Distributions

The Drupal Commerce is compatible with Drupal-based solutions known as distributions. The Drupal developers have contributed additional feature-rich, use-case specific distributions like MartPlug, designed for smaller scale merchants, and Open Deals App, made for deals sites like Groupon etc.


Compatibility with Drupal 7

Drupal Commerce fully retains the benefits of Drupal, It’s completely compatible with Drupal 7 technologies, modules, best practices, and skills.


Rich APIs

The Drupal Commerce has its own APIs for the cart, customer information, items, payment, pricing, and taxes.


Community Updates

Drupal has large community of contributor and users who maintains the Drupal Commerce. The main focus area of contributors is usability, performance and ensuring compatibility with previous versions.

The above are core features of Drupal Commerce. For more details go through the Drupal Commerce official page.