If you are planning to start a blog about various technology – iPhone tutorials, rumors, technology news, etc, then I would suggest rethinking the idea. The majority of people that create a blog are technologically inclined, which would make their default choice of blog topic to be something related to technology. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just that the technology niche is overflowing.

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When I started blogging back in 2010, I created a technology blog about iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, technology news, rumors, editorials, etc. My blog did okay in search rankings after two years, but there was no way it could compete with blogs such as 9 to 5 Mac, TechnoBuffalo, and Droid-Life. The bloggers behind large technology blogs like that have been working there for years, are able to go to events like WWDC and cover them live, and run their blog like a full time job. Many people (like myself) tend to run their blogs on the side, secondary to our day job, school, and other activities.

In addition to not being able to compete with high-ranking websites, the technology niche is too easy to write about. Anybody can hop on WordPress and start writing about the latest iPhone rumors. You want a niche that you can truly be considered an expert in. So instead of writing about technology rumors, you can write about how you monetized your blog to make you over $100 a week.

After I realized that there was no hope for my technology blog, I sold it on Flippa and started Omega Web, which is based around blogging, Internet marketing, SEO, and other online tools. This niche has more professionals that know what they are doing, are experts on the topic, and offer things such as comments and guest posts. It’s harder to write about Internet marketing than it is about iPhone cases, thus making you even more of an expert if you know what you are talking about.

So… If you want to start a blog, I would suggest staying away from the “General Technology” niche. Competition is high, it’s too easy to write about, and AdSense revenue is low. If you choose a less competitive niche that doesn’t have as many bloggers (such as aquarium keeping, farming, hunting, or education), you will have much better results.