Before I start going into details about how to improve your Alexa rankings, it’s best that you understand how Alexa works. A website’s Alexa rank is a unique number from 1 to infinity to rank websites according to their traffic. If a website has an Alexa rank of 50, that means it’s the 50th most-viewed website in the world. Continue reading

Every three or four months, Google updates the numerical score they sort websites by. The number is called a website’s PageRank and is a value of 0-10, 0 being the least reliable website and 10 being the most reliable website. Google PageRank is calculated by a complex algorithm that was composed and stored inside the Google headquarters. Most Internet marketers and bloggers know some basic things such as reliable content and strong backlinks, but we don’t know everything that Google takes into consideration. Continue reading

Ever since Google has released Google Plus, they have been favoring bloggers that promote the platform. With the social network, they also released a tool called blog authorship. Basically, your Google Plus profile image will display next to every blog post you publish on your website. Continue reading

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