Now a day’s most of websites are accessed from small tablets and Smartphone with the old desktop. Designers are more concerned about site that can adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, plus great design. I think responsive content sliders can be a solid solution for that because it provides area for showing various amounts of text and images which automatically adjust viewing requirement according to any device.

Responsive content sliders can play a major role in web designing because they allow website designers to display content in a more organized and interesting manner. You can use response sliders to display e-commerce products, banners, portfolios, corporate products or services, company timelines, image galleries with or without text, 3D animation, videos, mixed content displays, or any large amount of information that needs to be displayed in a limited space.

As there is a large number of free and paid responsive content sliders available with rich features and varied options. Today we’ve gathered top responsive content sliders with impressive design and functionality which surely help you to make your site design responsive.


One Slider

OneSlider is a feature rich jQuery plug-in responsive slider with interactive content. One of the best attributes of OneSlider is that content can be added to each slider and accented with interactive features and varied effects.



Slidorion is a fully responsive slider to adapt to any type of content. With Slidorion, you can displayed a number of different effects and embedded HTML.


Royal slider

RoyalSlider delivers greater functionality and versatility. It include lightbox, animated blocks and video gallery designs etc. It can be used as starter templates or to add your own customization.


Refine Slide

RefineSlide creates fully responsive image and content animations that integrate CSS3 and 3D transitions. When installing the slider, you can link or add CSS to your main styles. Where CSS3 is not browser supported, the plug-in intuitively defaults to a JavaScript fade transition.


Layer Slider

This is a powerful and features-rich slider. It comes with 12 customizable skins, or you can create your own skin, and three navigation types: bullets, thumbnails, or thumbnails displayed if hovering on bullets. The slider can be used with any HTML content, such as text, images, forms, embedded videos and flash content.


Sequence Slider

The Sequence jQuery slider is best for customization because it does not have a default theme.


Orbit Jquery Image Slider

Orbit is one of the most features-rich responsive content sliders with navigation options include bullets or image thumbnails. It also offers full HTML captions where styles, lists and links can be added, as well as transition effects that include fade and horizontal or vertical slide at desired speeds.


Parallax Slider

Parallax slider are available in different categories like Classic, Perpetuum Mobile, Mouse Interaction and Ultra. Among the differences between each version are greater behavior options for elements, such as rotary motion, perpetum move, or continuous move for layers; mouse interaction options; and customized behaviors for multiple background elements. All of the responsive jQuery plug-in versions offer bullet and thumbnail predefined skins, touch screen navigation and responsive design.