The tiny wysiwyg rich text editor for Bootstrap is a popular feature rich JQuery editor. The editor is inspired by CLEditor and bootstrap-wysihtml5. It require jQuery, jQuery Hotkeys, Twitter Boostrap and compatible with modern browser with HTML5.

According to its official site While building a content editor for MindMup we found plenty of flaws in most of the rich text editors and decided to create a HTML5 WYSIWYG version that removes all those “unnecessary magics” such as iFrame and backup textareas, old browser supports and make it plays well with bootstrap. Finally they offer with HTML5, they manage to create this editor in less than 5k with everything you need.

Main Features

  • Allows a custom built toolbar, no magic markup generators, enabling the web site to use all the goodness of Bootstrap.
  • Automatically binds standard hotkeys for common operations on Mac and Windows.
  • Drag and drop files to insert images, support image upload (also taking photos on mobile devices).
  • Uses standard browser features, no magic non-standard code, toolbar and keyboard.
  • Requires a modern browser (tested in Chrome 26, Firefox 19, Safari 6, reported by users to work in IE10).
  • Supports mobile devices (tested on IOS 6 Ipad/Iphone and Android 4.1.1 Chrome).
  • Does not create a separate frame, backup text areas etc – instead keeps it simple and runs everything inline in a DIV.
  • Does not force any styling – it’s all up to you.

Demo Download