Web design is just like fashion, it continuously changing with latest trends. Actually it’s always a challenge to create an effective website that will make a professional impression. You will always need to do well to keep everything up to date and on trend. An effective website design always engage audience, but if you’re missing even one vital element for an effective website then maybe you’re lacking some ways to make visitors engaged with your website, stay longer and keep coming back.

In this article I’m going to share with you some crucial web design tips on how to increase engagement on your website.


Readability should be at the top when it comes to design any project. A good design always delivers content in a way that is easily understandable and readable. If your site has small, hardly readable content then there is a big chance visitors would leave it at once and you’ll lose your potential audience.

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Keep Design simple & Clean

Always try to keep things simple and clean. The content should be perfectly aligned and with simple typography. You can emphasize what your visitors need to know with a few well-placed bullet points of information. Also keep any fill in forms brief as no one likes to fill out as lengthy form.

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Write great content

Great Content is important for any website as it draws visitors. A unique and well-written description always target audience and rank in the search engines. You can publish articles on your website that links into your brand will also engage your visitors and keep them coming back. It will also boost your authority and enhance your online presence.



Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling in web design is the technique that features layered images that move around the website in different speeds creating a nice and interesting 3D illusion. In simple words, it will help you to tell a story about your products and services. The parallax uses several design elements that move individually as you scroll a web page. This results in fantastic dynamic experience that encourages users to scroll more.

Cultural Solutions

Cultural Solutions

Reduce Website Load Time

This is the key point because if your site takes too long to load, your visitors will leave the site for sure as no one has the patience to wait for it. According to Nov, 01 2014, data by HTTP Archive, the average web page size is 1.92MB, and about 64% of which are images. So the number of images on the web page affects the speed of page.

Website Loads Fast

To optimize your page and decrease load time, you can optimize your images with online tools like Smush.it from Yahoo to reduce the size of your images without losing quality. You can also use Photoshop to save images for websites.