One of the most common questions I am often asked is “What tools do you use for blogging?” The answer is quite simple since writing a blog doesn’t require any more than web hosting, an Internet connection, and a computer but there are some optional tools that will help you succeed.

Apple iMac

Omega Web Hosting

The most important aspect of Omega Web is the web hosting that powers it. Without web hosting, this website would not be able to be delivered across the Internet to my readers.

The second most important factor in blogging is the platform that you build your blog upon. I use for all of my sites which is a free, powerful, and customisable blogging platform.

iMac and MacBook Pro

In the field of blogging, it isn’t entirely important to have a good computer. As long as it connects to the Internet and loads web pages with reasonable speed, you can use the machine. I personally use my iMac when I am home and my MacBook Pro when I am away just because Apple’s computers tend to be more reliable.

Adobe Photoshop

I don’t use Photoshop on every image that I upload to my blog, but I do use it for cropping, logo design, putting text on an image, and most importantly, the blog design. On my blog Aquarium Watch, I designed the entire site with Photoshop and converted it over to a WordPress theme.

White Board

Right next to my iMac I always have a white board that I use to jot down post ideas, main points to include in a post, or major to-do’s. It’s very helpful to have things written down before you start writing and using a white board helps save paper.