Every three or four months, Google updates the numerical score they sort websites by. The number is called a website’s PageRank and is a value of 0-10, 0 being the least reliable website and 10 being the most reliable website. Google PageRank is calculated by a complex algorithm that was composed and stored inside the Google headquarters. Most Internet marketers and bloggers know some basic things such as reliable content and strong backlinks, but we don’t know everything that Google takes into consideration.

The August 2012 Google PageRank Update

The last PageRank update was in May 2012, so that means the next one should be in July or August. July has come and gone without an update, so we know for sure that the special month is August. Google always makes the update during the first week of the month, so the update will occur anytime from today to August 7th.

Omega Web is currently a PR 1 website and I am hoping to be at least PR 3 after the update.

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15 Responses to The August 2012 Google PageRank Update

  • How do you know what your page rank is?

    • If you search for “Google PageRank Checker” on your favorite search engine, you will find a variety of websites that have a tool. You can also search for browser extensions to add on to Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

  • I hope you’ll get PR3. I didn’t know the update will be in August, so it was great to hear about it.

  • Hey Ian- I didn’t know the updates were on a regular schedule. It always seemed erratic to me. Just started my BLOG, so I am still hoping for the PR1. 🙂

    • The next update will be in 3-4 months, so keep link building, learning about Internet marketing, and building your website. PR1 will be here before you know it. And always remember that individual posts can have different PageRank. So after the update, my homepage remained PR1 but one of my posts became a PR4. Keep that in mind.

  • A PR4 Post on a PR1 Homepage? Thats the first that I have heard of that. I would be interested in reading a post on that if you get around to it at any time in the near future. I would be interested in learning what was magical about that post? Was there something that you did different? Congrats.

  • No worries, Ian. I did receive a few emails and have forwarded them to you. And thanks for the link to your PR4 BLOG post. Buess I’ve got some reading to do.

  • I installed the live pagerank plugin a little while ago and I’ve been keeping an eye on it… It seems to pull up the same kind of info as the live pagerank checkers and page rank predictors. Like you said basically, Expertu, doesn’t do a whole lot of good, but I guess it’s mildly useful… I’m going to try the one you speak of though, thanks!


  • The next update will be soon

  • Today is my saddest day ,You Might know that today google updated PR.But There is no pr increase for my site . I thought of getting atleast PR 1 , but now i have to wait another atleast 3-4 month. Also today i found out , Akismet marking my comment as spam. what a bad times for me. Well admin i hope you will mark my comment as not spam.


    • I will not mark your comment as spam! I went ahead and checked out your website and you’re definitely off to a good start. After the update yesterday, my blog still stayed a PR1. Lots of Internet marketers and bloggers these days are saying that PageRank doesn’t so much matter, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Personally, I think Alexa ranking is a better determination of the value of a website.

      Also, one thing I noticed on your site is that all the posts are basically on the same topic. Try to branch out and make a post that doesn’t resemble “6 Ways to Make Money…”

      I hope this helped!

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