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When I first started reading Ehsan’s blog Guide and News, I noticed that he was getting 20-50 comments on every post he made. I wondered how he was doing this, and like he read my mind, he posted an article on how he gets so many comments. Apparently the trick is to use a WordPress plugin called CommentLuv. After reading his post I decided to install the free version of CommentLuv on my blog and my comments increased almost tenfold overnight.

After using the free version of CommentLuv for a few months, I was thinking about upgrading to the premium version – until I saw the price tag of $97. Almost as another blogger had read my mind, I saw a post on Keep Up With The Web about Andy Bailey running a 75% off sale on the premium plugin, so I decided to buy it. And here’s why (reasons are listed in order of importance).

It Was Only $23.94

CommentLuv PremiumOkay, not to sound cheap, but the only reason I really went through with buying the plugin was because it was so inexpensive. In my eyes, no plugin is worth $97 unless it comes with a guarantee that you will make that money back every month. My web hosting bill is only about $60 a year, so if I were to pay for the full price of the CommentLuv Premium plugin, it would cost more than my web hosting. At $23.94, however, I can see the plugin being worth it.

It’s 8 Plugins In One

Unlike the free version of CommentLuv, the premium version comes with additional features, the Top Commenters widget, the GASP plugin (anti-spam), the TwitterLink Comments plugin, and Keyword Name. All of these plugins are actually compiled into the single “CommentLuv Premium” package and all blend together to make the commenting experience on your blog more interactive.

It Came With Extras

As part of the 75% off sale, CommentLuv Premium came with a couple of bonuses. Included with my purchase was a “15 Ways To Generate Traffic” eBook, WP Dealpon plugin, WP Mail Ads (with PLR), Dashboard Widget (with lonely comments), WP Auto Links, and a Premium Headers Pack. These were all included along with the CommentLuv Premium plugin for free.

I’m Now Included In The CommentLuv Global Search

Another hidden benefit of upgrading to CommentLuv Premium is that you are automatically included in the large database of blogs that use this premium plugin. This means that if anyone goes to the CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search, my blog will be listed there and in turn that will bring more viewers, more comments, and more subscribers.