If you are new to WordPress, then this video will help you learn the basics to get your started. It gives you a full walk-through of the WordPress dashboard and how to use it to control your blog. I highly recommend viewing this video carefully before any other WordPress tutorials if you are new to WordPress.

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8 Responses to WordPress Dashboard Video Tutorial

  • A man holds a sign at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear that contains an image of Dodson with the “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” line from the viral video interview.

  • Thanks for this tutorial. It showed me exactly what I needed. Most sites would just show you the basics but this is the full detail. Great job on this!

  • Your video is very helpful especially to those who’ve just recently created a blog through wordpress. Thank for putting in a lot of effort to share this video with us. I’m glad I took the time to see the whole video.

  • Bookmarked! I have colleagues who are planning to start or set up their very first WordPress blog yet are baffled by the WP dashboard. And I can’t thank you enough for sharing this video Robert. I have a WordPress blog too but no one explains the use of the site’s dashboard clearer than a veteran webmaster like you.

  • Thanks for spending time in coming up with the video. It was very informative especially for one such as I who just recently started wordpress. It’s such a great help.

  • Hey Robert,
    A very informative and helpful tutorial. Thanks for sharing such a valuable post.

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