Here are some WordPress tricks you may not know about, this will show you some very hard to find stuff, let me know if this was of use to you.


10 Responses to WordPress Tricks

  • Thanks for the tips, it’s easy to miss the fine detail when you are running a WordPress blog.

  • Great video! Thanks for sharing it. It sure helps a lot. I’ve been off WordPress for a while and I’m still ironing out the kinks in my site. There’s a lot of change, that’s for sure.

  • Now that’s a very interesting video footage of new and updated tricks on WordPress. Its crisp, concise, straight to the point, that it’s easy to take notes while watching the video.

  • This is a very straightforward and more information-packed approach to sharing new tricks on WordPress. You have cocktailed text and video into your blog, and that makes learning those tricks even more easier.

  • The best CMS, really. So sad people are only designing themes to promote their websites or sell links…

  • I find your video very informative and engaging, that I may have to repeat watching it, and share it to friends too. Thank you for being a considerate and helpful blogger. especially to some of your readers who are still taking baby steps in the blogging business.

  • very nice tricks and understand all the things by the video thanks for sharing..

  • Thanks Richard, that is what I plan on adding. I think a video and then sometimes follow the video with any content that requires links or additional information that can’t be shown on the video such as images or things. Thanks for the comment.

  • I think a mixture of video blogs and the traditional written is the way forward. Much easier to be shown where to go and what to do than read. So useful tips on Youtube vids and implanting them into your pages without the use of a plugin

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