If you search for the rising demand of WordPress Themes, you can never stop saying “Wow.” Today, the web is overcrowded with the myriad of eye-catching and feature-rich themes. As WordPress is widely growing as a collaborative community, more WordPress Themes shops are opened. Continue reading

Right now, someone somewhere is in the exact same boat as you – what with the weird WordPress error you are confronting. So relax, pal. You’re not alone. And that “fatal” error isn’t as apocalyptic as you think. Continue reading

So you want to create the perfect podcast set-up? Then you must be searching for the perfect podcast setup method right? In this article I will be demonstrating the best practices to setup a podcast, utilizing your WordPress account. Continue reading

Want to know how to add a nice, scrolling twitter feed to your website’s widget area?  This plugin does the job nicely.  We show you how to install it and explain it’s features. Continue reading

There are thousands of wordpress plugins, both free and paid, which will help you build a thriving blog.  This article can’t possibly cover them all, so I’ve picked a few that I have found very helpful over the years.  Continue reading

Having sliders on website offers you to highlight major content on your website within a limited space. It’s ok on desktops as there is a lot of space but how we handle if it is viewed on mobile devices where space becomes even more limited. Continue reading

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