If you are new to WordPress, then this video will help you learn the basics to get your started. It gives you a full walk-through of the WordPress dashboard and how to use it to control your blog. I highly recommend viewing this video carefully before any other WordPress tutorials if you are new to WordPress. Continue reading

One of the biggest problems I find with new blogs is spam comments. New bloggers are excited that they receive comments on their posts, so they either set the setting to always approve comments or they just manually approve them. This is great for when it says a particular blog post has 8 comments, but in the long run, approving spam comments will hurt you. Continue reading

I was recently browsing one of my favorite blogs, Daily Blog Tips, and realised that their commenting system was lacking many important features. I couldn’t reply to other comments to create a threaded message and I couldn’t subscribe to the comments to receive email notifications when another user has commented. These are two necessary features that every blog needs to have successful discussion, but there are a couple more that will help you as well. Continue reading

If it’s not already that time of year for many bloggers out there, it surely will be shortly… Summer is coming to a close and the fall semester of college is about to start. I personally just started my first year at the Collegiate High School, which is located at Northwest Florida State College. I will be taking a couple of high school courses and a couple of college courses as well, so my schedule is pretty packed. It’s only the third day of school and I already had over an hour of homework, so how do I plan on keeping up with my blogs? Continue reading

Following this morning’s post about blog topics teenagers can write about, I will now explain why it’s such a good idea to start blogging when you’re young. I started blogging in 2010, when I was 13 years old, and over the years, I have developed some great skills. Blogging has helped me with writing papers for school, make some extra cash, and build a stronger business mind. I’ve learned so much in just two years and I wish I could’ve started earlier. Continue reading

Now that blogging is becoming more and more mainstream, I am coming across more teenagers who would like to start up their own blog and start publishing online. I am a teenager myself, so you can trust that this information is coming from a reliable source that you can relate to… Continue reading

Before I start going into details about how to improve your Alexa rankings, it’s best that you understand how Alexa works. A website’s Alexa rank is a unique number from 1 to infinity to rank websites according to their traffic. If a website has an Alexa rank of 50, that means it’s the 50th most-viewed website in the world. Continue reading

One of the biggest misconceptions that new bloggers have about blogging is the balance between marketing and content. Many new bloggers, including myself back in 2010, think that writing tons and tons of content will lead to success. Continue reading

If you have seen the news coverage for the July 9th internet blackout, you may be paranoid right about now. Basically, hackers developed some software that changes the DNS settings on a person’s computer. Changing the DNS settings on a computer allows the hackers to redirect infected users to whatever website they want – affiliate marketing pages, scam websites, advertisements, more viruses, etc. This leads to the hackers making lots of money and your computer not working at all, but it’s really not that big of a deal. Continue reading

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