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It’s Friday night, you just got done running your daughter to the movie theatre, you go to grab your laptop, but your son is playing Minecraft, and your wife is using her computer – and oh yeah, you need to publish a blog post ASAP. Finding time to blog is hard enough, but trying to find time to blog from home when you’ve got to juggle a family and household chores makes it even tougher. By following a few simple rules, however, you can blog from home successfully.

Get Your Own Gadgets

If you’re the kind of family that has two or three computers to share with you, your spouse, and your kids, I would suggest pronouncing one computer for “Kid Use”, one for “Wife Use” and one for yourself. This will help save hassle when you’re running around trying to find a computer to use. Simply buying a computer specifically for your kids will keep them from wanting to use yours,  which means you’ll get more computer time.

Don’t Be a Couch Potato

I don’t know how people do it, but I can’t lay or even sit on the couch and do any kind of work. I need to be sitting in a chair at a desk or table or I can’t concentrate properly. Sitting up straight (verses slouching on the couch) will help oxygen get to your brain, which will ultimately lead to better results in your writing. I would suggest sitting at either the kitchen table or a desk for the best results.

Turn The Spare Room Into An Office

If you have a spare room in the house (or one that is barely used, such as a den), you should consider turning it into a home office. All you need is a desk, a chair, and maybe even a bookshelf or something to fill the room. Having somewhere to go that is specifically for blogging or other work will help you stay on task.

Go Somewhere Quiet

If you have kids that like to watch TV in the living room, talk loudly, and cause distractions, then you should consider going somewhere quiet for a few hours while you work. You could try going to a bedroom and closing the door, creating an office like I mentioned above, going to the basement, or even going out to the back porch. If you have too many loud distractions in the room, you’ll never get anything done.

Face It: Maybe Blogging Isn’t For You

Blogging requires a ton of time, effort, and motivation, especially if you’re new. New blogs don’t often bring in income until about six months after they launch (if you know what you’re doing). Omega Web has only been around since May 2012, and in July 2012 I only made $12. Yes, that’s income, but that’s for hours and hours of research, work, writing, and effort. If you already have a busy life, I would suggest trying something new. Even if you don’t have time to run an entire blog yourself, you can always guest blog (I allow guest posting) on other, established websites.