Over the past 20 years, I’ve been asked many times, how much does a website cost? I get this question almost on a daily basis.  So I figured I would share my opinions to help both web designers and customers looking for a new website or a website re-design.  Continue reading

This post is to point out the vast array of skills it takes just to build a simple five page website.  I’m hoping this will be useful for all you freelancers out there that are starting out and trying to explain why your prices are higher than your clients might expect.  This post will give you an outline to expand upon depending on what type and size website your clients require. Continue reading

After all my experience with running websites for both clients and myself, having an email address with your domain name (such as instead of or something) is one of the most annoying things to set up. Continue reading

If you have ever been to a blog that had advertisements in the sidebar or links within the posts advertising specific products, those are called affiliate links. Affiliate links are basically ways for companies to get more customers. For example, if I buy the Cash Donator plugin and use it on my blog, I can also download the affiliate banners to display in the sidebar of my blog. Then when my readers are astounded by how much money I am making, they will click on the Cash Donator banner, purchase the plugin, and then I will earn a commission for referring them to the company. Continue reading

This is a guest post by Nathan Brown of, a site that offers savings and current information on AT&T.

Who said everything has a price tag attached? With blogging you can share your thoughts, spread a word and upload anything from pictures to recipes for free! It is one of the quickest and most effective platforms to reach people and you can do so without shelling out a single penny from your pocket. If you want to start blogging for free, this post will enlighten you on some of the best services that host blogs. Continue reading

Besides the fact that it is 2012 and the world is moving to mobile, there are still some pretty legitimate reasons to ditch your landline telephone. Many people still hold onto their landline phone service because they don’t have cell phone service, need it for “emergencies”, or simply like talking on a landline phone… Well I’m here to tell you why they are a waste of money. Continue reading

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