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Who said everything has a price tag attached? With blogging you can share your thoughts, spread a word and upload anything from pictures to recipes for free! It is one of the quickest and most effective platforms to reach people and you can do so without shelling out a single penny from your pocket. If you want to start blogging for free, this post will enlighten you on some of the best services that host blogs.



LiveJournal hosts blogs and is more of an online community where users can maintain their blogs, journals, or an online diary. The common features available in this community are commenting, multiple authoring, polls and calendars. Being an independent community with social networking features is what makes LiveJournal stand apart from other blogging service providers.


I’m sure many of you have come across Tumblr. It is an excellent platform for micro blogging. You can post videos, pictures, links, quotes and audio on the website, popularly known as tumblelog. You can allow other users to follow you or even make your tumblelog private. The advantage with the blog is the flexibility it offers to its users.


Google acquired Blogger from Pyra Labs in the year 2003. It is a blog service that permits single or multiple user blogs with time-stamped posts. The dashboard on Blogger is simple and easy to learn. You can sign in to Blogger directly if you have a Google account.


WordPress-hosted blogs started in the year 2005 and are powered by the open source software WordPress. It is one of the most reliable blog services with attractive features like easy importing, typographical niceties, comprehensive text formatting, multiple authoring, tools for cross-blog communications, etc. WordPress is committed in offering the latest blogging technology to its users.


TypePad is an excellent place to share your interests. It is a flexible platform and you are in control of your posts when you sign up. It too supports features like multiple authoring, photo albums, etc. and you can personalise your page or choose from the thousands of themes that are readily available. TypePad is user friendly and you don’t have to bother about technical issues.

These are some of the blog hosting services that are available without a price tag. Go ahead, give it a try.