Bootstrap is a well-known grid based framework for building responsive websites. Web developers are acknowledged with its importance as it makes front-end web development faster and easier. Using this framework, you can easily create eye-catching responsive websites themes within short time based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery plugins. Continue reading

Developing a creative and appealing website is basically complemented with two significant elements. First one is fully-functional and proficient website code and another is attractive, engaging and user-friendly design. In lack of either one of these it is almost impossible to create an effective website. For both things i.e. website design and coding different professionals used to contribute their efforts as we-designer and web-developer.

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Blogging has always been about expressing yourself and sharing what you know on the Internet. With the huge popularity of smartphones and tablet devices which offered opportunity to not only blog on-the-go, but also to perform many blogging-related tasks on their smartphones when you are away from their computer. If you’re running a WordPress blog then this article is specially designed for you because WordPress provides great apps for smartphones such as Android, iOS, blackberry, Windows, Nokia and WebOS. These are feature rich application which provides you more options to post when you’re away from your computer.

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As Mobile users are going to overtake internet access by 2014. Everybody started thinking about responsive design which can cover wide range of devices; from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. As Facebook recent report shows that Facebook had a 51 percent increase in monthly active mobile users over the last year. It is noted that Facebook has 819 million monthly users through a mobile device. In current scenario, it becomes necessary for every website owner to make a responsive design. If you’re running a WordPress blog then you can easily search feature rich HTML5 responsive themes and design  for your website. To reduce you effort, we’ve collected some featured HTML5 Responsive Wordress themes. All the themes listed in this collection are completely free to download and can use them freely without any cost.

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If you are running a WordPress blog or website, then the security should be main concern because WordPress sites in hit list of hackers and spammers. WordPress is very secure in itself but still there are lot of which needs attention. The first thing is to update blog with the latest version of WordPress and also keep installed plugin updated. For more you can use plugins which is the best way to secure your blog. There is a long list of WordPress security plugins. They’re free, easily usable and safe. Here in this post we’ve gathered some useful top rated WordPress security plugins for you with download links. So enjoy it! Continue reading

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