If it’s not already that time of year for many bloggers out there, it surely will be shortly… Summer is coming to a close and the fall semester of college is about to start. I personally just started my first year at the Collegiate High School, which is located at Northwest Florida State College. I will be taking a couple of high school courses and a couple of college courses as well, so my schedule is pretty packed. It’s only the third day of school and I already had over an hour of homework, so how do I plan on keeping up with my blogs?

University Of Florida

Time Management Is Key

If you haven’t learned it already, you better pick up on this awesome skill called time management very quickly. I’m currently taking a course called College Success (all new NWFSC students have to take it) and it teaches nothing but time management, study, and test-taking skills. Although time management with your college assignments is important, you also need to be able to manage your entire day effectively. Is it worth it to go shopping when you know you need to blog and do your homework? Do you have any upcoming projects that could potentially get in the way of blogging? How important is your blog compared to your social life? These are all questions that can help you make better decisions and write more blog posts.

Make School Your #1 Priority

Unless you are making as much money as John Chow (which is about $40,000 monthly), you should be making your schoolwork your first priority. You are obviously at college for a reason and that reason is to learn to become a professional. If you didn’t need to go there, you would already be making a living running a business or making money elsewhere… But since you’re there (and paying to be there), it needs to be your first priority.

Accept That You Can’t Post As Frequently

During the summer I was posting on both Omega Web and Aquarium Watch at least once a day. Now I haven’t updated either blog in several days because I’m at school until 4:00 PM, then I have to eat dinner, and then I have work to do at home. You need to accept the fact that college is going to be taking up a major chunk of your time and you need to work around that. I wrote a full guide on how to find time to blog over at Daily Blog Tips if you are having troubles finding time to blog.

Wake Up Early or Stay Up Late

My first class technically doesn’t start until 9:15, so I could always wake up at 6:00 and write a few posts before I leave in the morning. This is probably the most effective way to make time for blogging with school, but lately I have been choosing to stay up later to write. Even if I stay up until midnight, I don’t wake up until 7:00, so that’s seven hours of sleep I’m getting. As long as I’m not super tired the next day, I will continue to stay up a bit later to write blog posts, but I have a feeling I will have to start waking up earlier when the amount of homework I receive increases.

Can Any Papers Double As Blog Posts?

If you are taking College Biology or Anatomy & Physiology, can any of your written papers double as blog posts? You already have to learn the material and write the paper, so you might as well put it to use outside of the classroom as well. And if you haven’t figured it out already, health and medical websites have high payout rates with advertising companies, so it’s always a good idea to start one… I would just suggest saving all of your papers until you complete the course and then post them. This helps prevent conflicts with your instructors with plagiarism, sharing your papers with potential students, and other issues they may bring up. You technically don’t have to wait until the course is over, but I would suggest it just to make things easier on yourself.

Image Source: Inside Florida