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Adobe Voice For iOS is Great for Making Videos

Adobe Voice For iOS is Great for Making Videos

If you are like me, you don’t like making videos often from scratch, due to all the hassle with software, uploading, editing and so on.  Well you will like this news.  It’s now possible to make videos with your iPhone by using the new Adobe Voice app.  You can download it here

Basically, you can create a video and then add your voice to it, then publish it.  It’s part of Adobe Slate, check out this video, which explains it:

Will AI Take Web Design and Development Jobs?

Will AI Take Web Design and Development Jobs?

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is quite the hot topic currently. But nobody has specifically mentioned web design and development jobs being in danger from AI, so I figured I would bring it up 🙂  If you are new to this subject, there are various YouTube videos, which will clarify things for you.  I’ve posted a few below.

However, you don’t have to start applying for a job at McDonald’s yet, so relax.  In my opinion, most web designers and developers are used to evolving, we tend to change with whatever hits us.  First it was Dreamweaver, then CMS now AI, Robots!

Will AI take web design jobs?But I think  we will end up in control of AI, rather than the other way round, and they will help us complete things faster, just as Dreamweaver, Joomla! and WordPress does now.  Although, if they get smarter than us then who knows?

According to many of the leading AI scientists, it’s clear that AI is gaining ground in many ways.  When you see Google, Facebook and other massive companies taking notice, then you know it’s no longer just in the realm of science fiction.  But I also would hope all these companies and government agencies have the sense to make sure, or at least try to make sure, that AI does not get out of hand.

This could be accomplished by making sure what they develop has a fail-safe, just in case something goes wrong.   It’s possible, however, that  when AI gets far more intelligent than humans, and they will, they will simply find a way around our barriers, because they will be many times smarter, and therefore anything we think of they will find a better way.

I would like to hear your comments on this subject, do you think Robots will take our jobs 🙂

Here’s a couple of videos on the subject, which I think you will enjoy.  The last one on the list is by far the most important.


How To Choose A Web Designer

How To Choose A Web Designer

Choosing a web designer in today’s competitive Internet is not an easy choice, but it’s one you need to make and make soon.  If you have any type of online business then you will need to have a web designer. For a personal website or blog, many choose to do their own design, but if you want to really stand out, a web designer is the way to go. (more…)

What’s really involved in the development of a website?

What’s really involved in the development of a website?

This post is to point out the vast array of skills it takes just to build a simple five page website.  I’m hoping this will be useful for all you freelancers out there that are starting out and trying to explain why your prices are higher than your clients might expect.  This post will give you an outline to expand upon depending on what type and size website your clients require. (more…)

How Google Calculates Page Rank

How Google Calculates Page Rank

I recently signed up for the Daily Blog Tips Newsletter and received a tip about Google PageRank that I had no idea about, so now I’m here to share that tip with you…

What Is Google Page Rank?

Page Rank is Google’s numerical value that they assign each website on the Internet. This value is a whole number (no decimals) between 0 (PR0) and 10 (PR10), 0 being that the website is new or not linked to, and 10 being a super authority. PageRank is updated every three or four months and is recalculated every time.

How Google Calculates  PageRankWhile PageRank could be meaningless to the average Internet user, it has a great importance to bloggers, Internet marketers, and website flippers. PageRank can determine how much advertisements on your site should cost (for example, a PR6 site should charge more for ads than a PR2 site), the authority of a source, and even your Google search results (a PR5 website is more likely to show at the top of Google than a PR1 site).

How Page Rank Is Calculated

While nobody knows the in-depth, full equation to Google’s PageRank algorithm, some people know the general idea. PageRank is calculated by the amount of incoming links a website has. You could have an awesome website with 20,000 daily views and over 300 comments a day, but if nobody links to you, you’ll never advance past PR0.

The term that is often used when describing the value of a particular link is “link juice”. Similar to the juice in a battery, link juice determines the power that will be shared with the linked-to site.

So here’s how it’s calculated… Let’s say you have a website that has a PageRank of 6 (PR6). On that website contains only three outgoing links to PR0 sites. When Google does a PageRank update, they split your PageRank into link juice and divide it among the websites you link to. In this case, the PR6 would be divided by three (because the site links to three other sites) and shared with the other sites – each earning PR2. After the PageRank update, that PR6 website would cause each of the PR0 sites to become PR2. Of course, the algorithm is way more complex than this, but this is the general concept.

How To Increase Your PageRank

Now that we know how PageRank works, how would you go about increasing it?

  • Link to your own posts – sharing the link juice isn’t limited to just external websites. If you have a particular post with PR4 (like this one), each link within that post will be sharing link juice – both to external websites and my own.
  • Guest post – Guest posting is the act of writing a blog post to be featured on another site. Often times, blog owners will allow a link back to your own blog, which helps with building your PageRank. You can view my guidelines for guest posting here.
  • Submit to directories – There are many directories that have high PageRank that you can submit your blog to. Not only will these help in link building, but they will also increase the amount of viewers to your site. Make sure to check out the DoFollow Blog Directory!
  • Comment on blogs – If you can find blogs that use the CommentLuv plugin, each dofollow link will send your site link juice. Wait, what is dofollow?

There are numerous other ways to increase your PageRank, but they all go back to generating more and more incoming links to your website.

Disclaimer: It’s Not That Easy

My example that I used above with the PR6 websites making the three PR0 websites turn into PR2 after just one update was great for understanding how the calculations work, but it was not realistic at all. I don’t know a single PR6 website on the planet that only has three outgoing links. These outgoing links can be – navigation, sidebar links such as blogrolls, affiliate banners in the sidebar, links in the body of the blog post, a related posts widget, CommentLuv links in the comments, and links in the website footer. I would say that the average PR6 site probably has about 30-40 links on a page, which makes each one have a link juice power of about 0.2. This means that you will need 10 incoming links from PR6 sites (that have 30-40 links per page) to bring your website up to PR2. Of course, this is not 100% accurate because I do not know the full Google algorithm, but you can get the idea that growing your PageRank isn’t easy or quick.

The Key Is Persistance

If you keep trying and commit to building one link a day, your PageRank will increase with each update (every 3-4 months). Remember you can build links by commenting on blogs, submitting to directories, guest posting, and linking to your own content. If you comment on one blog every day and only earn 0.06 points of link juice, after three months of doing this consistently, your blog will earn 6 points, thus making it PR6.