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If you have ever been to a blog that had advertisements in the sidebar or links within the posts advertising specific products, those are called affiliate links. Affiliate links are basically ways for companies to get more customers. For example, if I buy the Cash Donator plugin and use it on my blog, I can also download the affiliate banners to display in the sidebar of my blog. Then when my readers are astounded by how much money I am making, they will click on the Cash Donator banner, purchase the plugin, and then I will earn a commission for referring them to the company.

Always Buy Digital Products With An Affiliate LinkWhen I buy digital products such as software and WordPress plugins, I try to always buy with an affiliate link. First I will ask my friends if they are a registered affiliate for that company and if none of them are, I will find someone who is and purchase through them… Is it really worth the trouble? Why do I do this?

It Helps The Person Advertising The Product

As we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees, and if you are trying to make money online, it barely grows at all. Buying through a blogger’s affiliate link earns them some extra money and it gets you the same product that you were going to buy anyway.

Sometimes Bloggers Include Special Bonuses

It doesn’t occur very often, but sometimes you can find bloggers who reward their customers by purchasing through their affiliate links. The reward could be anything from a free plugin to a free eBook, but either way you’re getting something for free… Take advantage of this opportunity if it is given to you.

Some Affiliates Offer Discounts

In addition to offering free products or services, some affiliates give discounts to customers that buy through them. The best example of this would be my Host Gator campaign. If you enter the coupon code “OMEGAWEB25” into Host Gator at checkout, you will get 25% off any web hosting plan.

The Company Already Has Enough Money

In the case of a web hosting company, they are already banking money left and right. According to the 2011 estimates, GoDaddy pulled in $1.14 billion in revenue in just one year. In the case of GoDaddy’s affiliate program, they pay out 30% of the order price, which is actually kind-of low for a web hosting company. I know that Host Gator pays out at least $50 per sale and FatCow and iPage pay out $100 per sale. Please allow these large companies to share some of their revenue and help the economy go ’round.

Buy Now!

If this post has inspired you to purchase something through an affiliate link, you can always purchase one of the services I recommend. You can find these services in the sidebar of this blog or in the list below:

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