PPC Management, Cork Ireland

Join our team of guest bloggers and do guest blog posts on our various websites.  Show off your writing skills and gain more notoriety. We are currently looking for highly skilled, English speaking blog writers that are well versed in web design, online marketing and other related services.  You will be writing blog posts that we select.  Please read our rules below before considering becoming a guest blogger for us.



Current Guest Blog Posts Available

  1. Blog guest postingReview of WDS Extensions and what they can do for your social network marketing
  2. WDS Twitter Widget and Twitter Widget Pro, what it’s for and why you should use it on your website
  3. Changes in current marketing methods over the past 5 years
  4. How important is social media marketing?
  5. What is the difference between a website and a social profile?
  6. How can I get the most out of my online marketing?
  7. 10 ways to improve your social profiles
  8. How facebook can grow your traffic
  9. 10 Ways to increase the quality of your website
  10. Quality link building techniques that are Google Friendly 11. What is link bait, and is it write for my online business?

Submission Rules

  1. Your content must be 100% unique, well written and well researched.
  2. Blog posts must focus on the topic and give useful information
  3. No grammar or spelling errors
  4. Each post should contain images that relate to the topic, maximum width of 500 pixels and correctly optimized to be no more than 25K
  5. You cannot add self promotional links of any kind in our articles
  6. You may include a short 3 sentence author bio, which is then published at the end of your guest post.  You can include up to 2 links back to the author’s website, but not to any third party site, it must be to the author’s website only.
  7. You cannot publish the guest post anywhere else, it must be exclusive to our blog only and we will check this with copyscape.com.
  8. Your links should only include your company or website name, no keywords allowed!
  9. We have the right to remove any post or author profile on our website for any reason, at any time.

If you think you have what it takes to write an engaging, informative blog post then we want to here from you. Write guest blog posts, contact us today.