If you are a beginning blogger that uses Google AdSense as a source of revenue, you probably check your earnings every few days to see if you are getting closer to that $100 payment threshold. I started earning with AdSense in 2010 (on websites and YouTube) and just received my first payment in October 2012. The check (seen above) was for $115.75 and I was very excited that I finally reached the $100 payout limit, but when I received the check in the mail, I needed to think long and hard about what I wanted to do with the money. I ended up spending the money on the Genesis WordPress framework and the Dynamik child theme (I will be doing reviews on both soon) which was a good investment because Omega Web needed a redesign. If you are interested, I am now running a completely custom theme that I created myself using Dynamik.

Invest The Money Back Into Your Blog

When most bloggers get their first payment, they blow it on something completely unrelated such as a new pair of shoes. If you truly treat your blog like a business, then you will not want to buy that new pair of shoes and you will want to improve your site in order to make more money. This can be done by buying a new framework to redesign your site, buying new plugins such as CommentLuv Premium which will help make you more successful, or paying off those web hosting bills that have accumulated over the months. Whatever the case, it’s always a smart idea to invest this first check back into your blog in order to make more money. Whenever you are making $500 a month, then you can choose to buy the shoes, upgrade to some new plugins, and use the rest for a car payment. Until you’re earning that kind of income, make sure you’re investing!

Join a Paid Members Blogging Group

One of the most popular paid blogging networks out there is Blog Engage. At $20 a month for the cheapest membership, Blog Engage is not cheap (in my opinion, at least). Joining this paid community will allow you to get maximum exposure for your blog posts and ultimately make more money in the long run. If you are relying on AdSesne to pay for your Blog Engage membership, $100 will last 5 months.

Start Up a New Project

One thing I am always doing is starting up new website projects. Although some fail, I have had some very successful ones. One of my niche sites was How To Make Lumpia and I actually make more money from that site monthly than I do Omega Web even though I get three times as many viewers on this blog. Depending on the project you are looking to start up, you could have costs anywhere from $15 to $100 or even $200. When I started How To Make Lumpia in March 2012, the domain name was available so I registered it for about $12. I then created the website in Adobe Dreamweaver without purchasing any kind of premium templates, so the startup cost was only $12 for the domain. A few months later I switched the website from a static HTML site maintained with Dreamweaver over to a WordPress-powered site (for easier maintenance) and now I make about $10 per month from this one niche project.

Starting niche websites or other blogs with your AdSense revenue is a great way to improve upon your earning potential. I currently have this blog, Aquarium Watch, and How To Make Lumpia earning me AdSense revenue. I also have the domain names MyDr.co (for a medical-related blog) and DIYCO2.net (for an aquarium CO2 niche site) which I plan to start whenever I have the time.

Any Other Suggestions?

I know I have many bloggers who read Omega Web who receive payments from Google AdSense all the time. Please share with us what you use that money for and how it has helped your blog… See you in the comments!