It hasn’t been that long since Google last updated their algorithm that powers Google search results, but bloggers and internet marketers continue to whine and complain about the updates. On September 27th (one month ago), Google released their newest update and dubbed it “Panda”. The Panda update slammed many sites that were ranking #1 in Google results down to position #4 or #5 or even on the second page. Of course, people will grumble about it, but you know what? My blog has done nothing but improve in traffic and revenue over the past month. In fact, I have recently noticed that some of my posts are ranking in the first five Google results within a few days of publishing the post. Why is it that these algorithm updates help instead of hurt me?Google Algorithm

I Post Quality Content

The most important aspect to any blog is the content that is written on it. If your content sucks, nobody will link to you, your PageRank will stay PR0 forever, and your Google rankings will be less than par. Posting good content that people will want to refer to, share, and link to is the #1 key to success.

I’m No “Internet Marketer” or “SEO Guru”

If you look at who complains about the Google algorithm updates, they probably classify themselves as “Internet marketers” or “SEO gurus”. These are people who are in the blogging game for the money and nothing else. These “gurus” use a number of WordPress plugins, on-site techniques, and off-site SEO techniques to enhance the rankings of their websites. The problem with doing this is when Google decides that meta descriptions no longer matter and the “guru” has relied on meta descriptions to achieve #1 rankings. When Google takes this away, they don’t have quality content to fall back on and their rankings fall.

The only SEO plugin I use is All In One SEO for WordPress. I really only use this plugin to control my titles on my homepage since the default WordPress settings hardly have any customization. I don’t use any “premium” SEO plugins, services, or techniques. I only use All In One SEO and publish quality content – yet still rank high on Google results.

I Don’t Use Sketchy Link Building Techniques

I know some Internet marketers that swear by submitting their blog to directories, guest posting, link exchanges with other bloggers, or some other means of link building. I honestly don’t have a link building technique other than commenting on blogs with CommentLuv enabled. I believe in link building for raising PageRank, but as far as SERPs, quality content is the key.

I’m Patient and Not Trying To “Get Rich Quick”

One of the problems Internet marketers have with their blogs is that they are too new. I started this blog in May 2012 (so it’s 5 months old) and I’m averaging 33,000 Pageviews or so a month, with over 60% of those viewers coming from Google or other search engines. At the point in time I’m making about $40 this month from Google AdSense, but last month I made $28 and the month before I made $26. My earnings are slowly increasing, but I’m not expecting to get rich overnight. Blogging takes time and the blogs that can beat time are the ones that become successful. You simply can’t get upset when your two-month-old website loses Google rankings in SERPs.

It’s Over To You

Now it’s your turn to share… Does your blog or website get hit every time Google updates their algorithm? Does it have something to do with black or grey hat techniques you may be using? Does your content bring value to your readers? Share this in the comments below – I’m always interested in learning something new!