It’s Friday night, you just got done running your daughter to the movie theatre, you go to grab your laptop, but your son is playing Minecraft, and your wife is using her computer – and oh yeah, you need to publish a blog post ASAP. Finding time to blog is hard enough, but trying to find time to blog from home when you’ve got to juggle a family and household chores makes it even tougher. By following a few simple rules, however, you can blog from home successfully. Continue reading

If you live in the average American household, you most likely have a wireless router hooked up to a cable modem to share an Internet connection across the house. Routers emit a signal called WiFi that can be used by laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, and other WiFi-enabled devices. Using a wireless router for three or four devices is great, but when you connect five computers, two gaming consoles, and multiple smartphones on the same network, you may need to either buy a better router or rethink your setup. Continue reading

It has recently been called to my attention that there is an increasing number of phony bloggers typing away on their keyboards in an effort to make some money online. By “phony blogger,” I mean that these people claim to have a lot of revenue but lack the proof, they don’t offer any “real” tips in the blogging world, they are only interested in self gain, and so on. These phonies are essentially liars that truly believe people are listening to them. However, there are people like me who can see between the lies and even prove the fact that they’re lying with every keystroke… And so I’m here to show you how to recognise these bloggers. Continue reading

I recently started getting serious about building my email list, but the process of gaining new email subscribers really worried me at first. I use… Continue reading

One of the reasons you may not be earning the amount of money you would like is because of poor advertisement placing. Online advertising is not much different from printed ads on billboards or in magazines in the sense that placement is everything. With ad placement, it’s important to remember not to overwhelm your users, but you need to get them to look (and click) the ad. So what do you do? Here are Some Tips For Ad Placement On A Website Continue reading

Something I have noticed recently with my own blogs is the quality of my content is starting to slip. I’m used to writing great content, getting lots of social media shares and comments, and seeing increases on Google Analytics. Currently, I’m right in the middle of the fall semester at school with lots of homework and other obligations in life to tend to… All of which interfere with the amount of blog posts I’m writing and the quality of the posts that do go live. Continue reading

It’s not too often where I post a rant like this (especially on Omega Web), but I think it is time to do so. This post is inspired by my inability to choose a major today at school. It’s not that I don’t like anything or don’t have a plan for my future, but it’s because I hate many things about college, the job market, and the American view on how to live your life. Of course, you can always relate anything to everything, so I thought it would be fun to relate my personal dislikes to blogging… Here goes. Continue reading

In the world of blogging, I think it is important to collaborate and share ideas with other bloggers. This can lead to new ideas, new friendships, and even a more successful blog. I have decided to create a post here on Omega Web where I will ask a few questions, answer them myself, and then turn it over to other bloggers in the comments. Continue reading

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