Godaddy Hosting Email, Don’t Pay For Email Services Through Your Web Host

Godaddy Hosting Email, Don’t Pay For Email Services Through Your Web Host

After posting about how to connect your custom domain email address to Microsoft’s service, I noticed that I forgot to mention why you should do this. I use GoDaddy for my web hosting and I feel that their email packages are lacking features, overpriced, and slow. I finally decided to use instead and it’s working much better for me – and it’s free.

Some Hosts Charge Extra For Email

In the case of GoDaddy, some web hosts charge you extra money to use their email services. When I was hosting with FatCow, unlimited IMAP email addresses were included with your hosting for free, but GoDaddy charges a fee per month for the smallest plan that includes one email address, 1GB of storage, and only supports POP3. To upgrade to IMAP services, it’ll cost you $3.19 per month extra.

Microsoft Exchange Is Outrageous

The alternative to using GoDaddy’s email services is to opt for Microsoft Exchange. I have used Exchange for about three months in the past and it has wonderful features – email is instant, calendars stay in sync, contacts are on all devices, and I never feared of an email getting lost out in cyberspace. The only problem with Microsoft Exchange is that it costs $8.49 per month for a single email address. This price is way too expensive for an email plan that basically does the same thing as Gmail or iCloud.

GoDaddy’s Email Is Slow and Spotty

After using GoDaddy’s email service for about three months, I think it’s safe to say that it is very slow. When I try sending large files (using Apple’s Mail client, not the GoDaddy webmail), it would often take many minutes to send or simply time out. This is not the kind of service I want to pay almost $40 a year for. and Google Apps Are Free

What many bloggers and web designers don’t know is that services like and Google Apps allow you to use their servers and it’s absolutely free. Google Apps functions the same way Gmail does and includes unlimited emails, IMAP support, and more. Outlook is Microsoft’s newly-launched web email service and they plan to add IMAP support in the near future.