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How to install WordPress

If you are new to WordPress and want to learn how to install WordPress on your own server for testing, or if you want to install it on your main, live server for building websites.  In either case, this tutorial will show you how to install WordPress from scratch, without having to use the automatic installers that sometimes come with shared hosting environments.  It is sometimes best to install WordPress from scratch to avoid some bugs and issues that can some with other methods.

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Add User to Google Analytics Account

Add User to Google Analytics Account

This short video will show you how to add a user to your Google analytics account so that you can give them access within their own account.  This method allows them to access your Google analytics via their own account instead of you having to give them full access to your Google analytics account.

You might hire a web marketing firm to do your reports or run analysis on your traffic, in this case it’s sometimes a new company that you have never dealt with before, in which case it’s very important that you do not give them direct access to your account instead use the method provided in this video as it’s much safer.

Optimize an image using PhotoShop

This is a short video about how to optimize an image for your website correctly, using PhotoShop.  In this video I use PhotoShop CS3, however it is the same for older versions going back to PhotoShop 6.0 so you don’t need a new version of Photoshop to do this.

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