If you have ever read any of my rants about the news before, you should know that I don’t read the news and I don’t reccomend to anyone to read news publications like CNN or Fox News. It’s true that these two websites are PR7 and PR8, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the best information on the Internet. Us bloggers have taken it upon ourselves to challenge news publications, so here’s what I have to say about it.

Bloggers Know What They’re Talking About

CNN TechIf you’ve ever been to a blog like 9 to 5 Mac to read a news update, you will notice that they know what they are talking about. They can explain to you the benefits of having a certain type of display technology. They can tell you everything you need to know about an iPhone that hasn’t even been announced yet. The only thing they post about is Apple news, so you can conclude that they are going to be an authority on the topic.

Blogs Are Personal

The one reason it’s so boring to read the newspaper is that they only supply you with facts. The facts help you get to the point, but it leaves out the personal touch of web publishing. On Omega Web, people call me by name in the comments, I love to share my personal experiences about a product (along with the facts), and I don’t sound like I’m writing to the president of the United States. My writing is professional, but it has a personal touch that won’t be found over at CNN.

News Publications Are Trying To Sell You Something

If you’ve ever paid attention to physical newspapers, they always put breaking news on the front cover. Of course, you can’t read the entire article on just the front page, so you will have to purchase the newspaper and bring it home. The online versions of newspapers aren’t quite as bad as that, but they are still trying to make money. Yahoo News isn’t on the Internet simply to inform people of the latest and greatest – they are here to make money. And when they are trying to sell you their stories, only the “popular” and “breaking news” stories make it in. For example, when Facebook was just about to go public, CNN posted about it every day. It was big news, but there was more happening in the technology world than Facebook’s IPO.


If you are ever concerned about the latest iPhone news, information about Yahoo’s new CEO, or just want to catch up on something you may have missed, I would suggest steering away from large news publications. They are great for learning facts, but blogs will give you the facts, the personal side of things, their opinion, and open up comments for people just like you to share their thoughts. It’s time we give bloggers more credit.