If you want your website to stand out from among your competitors, simply writing articles will not be enough to accomplish what you desire.  Your articles must be SEO friendly.  SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means it is optimized to rank high on search engine return lists.  There are a few points within your article that will make it SEO friendly, and here are the top things you need to know.

Write SEO Friendly Articles

  1.  The first and perhaps most important is the topic you choose to write about.  It should be related to whatever you are selling on your website and be full of rich, attention-grabbing content that your readers will be interested in.  Try to present some new information that your customers have never heard of before.  This will help make for a more interesting read.
  2. Along with the content being interesting, it must also be original.  If you simply copy and paste information from another source that you find appealing, Google is likely to mark your copied article as spam.  Clearly, this is exactly the opposite of proper search engine optimization.  SEO friendly articles should contain new, original content, your website will grab the attention of search engines and therefore gain a higher amount of traffic as your site pops up on return lists.
  3. Next are the keywords and title of your SEO friendly article.  The title should have no more than five to seven words before a catchy subtitle that will tell your readers a bit more about the content of the article to draw them in.  Your title will often contain the keywords you are planning to use repeatedly throughout your article.  The density of these keywords is very important for search engine optimization.  If you pack them in too densely, Google could mark you as spam.  If you use your keywords too sparsely, they will not aid you in your SEO efforts.  The optimal keyword density is about 1% – 2%.  However, the reader must be your first consideration, so write for the reader first and then go back in and tweak it slightly for SEO.
  4. Links are critical for search engine optimization as well.  If you write SEO friendly articles in an article directly or elsewhere off your site, you should use it as a backlink to get the traffic of readers from the article to your website.  At the completion of your article writing, you must proofread and remove any errors you find.  The most prominent aspect of article writing that can discredit you is if your piece is full of spelling and grammar mistakes.

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9 Responses to Write SEO Friendly Articles

  • Great post! I’ve been using these tips for my own site since January. My traffic has started to pick up, and I’m hoping it only grows from here

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  • Once a website is created, it should be populated with content that is SEO friendly. A content that is engage and draws the reader toward the topic being shared is something that must be at the back of the mind of the webmaster.

  • What are your opinions on the Google update that targets exact match domain names, I mean domain names that have the key phrase you are going after in them. Such as bluewidgets.com and your key phrase is blue widgets. I happen to know that it still works but what do you all think on this subject?

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    Great info and insights 🙂 Thanks for writing this article. It is well written and is really current.Thank you.

  • Thanks for the great tips. I’m looking for something to have my trainees read to learn about SEO and well, this could definitely help. Having to explain it over and over again makes it tiring. Great job with this.

  • All in all, you have to write something that’s good-quality, engaging, something that appeals to your readers’ taste, brief, concise, and has the right amount of keywords. Google can be very meticulous at times. You may have published a good article but without the target keywords to enhance your presence, you’re a no-show.

  • This is quite a read. Thank you for compiling these tips. It’ll surely help in increasing traffic and getting my site visible online. Thanks!

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