If you live in the average American household, you most likely have a wireless router hooked up to a cable modem to share an Internet connection across the house. Routers emit a signal called WiFi that can be used by laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, and other WiFi-enabled devices. Using a wireless router for three or four devices is great, but when you connect five computers, two gaming consoles, and multiple smartphones on the same network, you may need to either buy a better router or rethink your setup. Continue reading

As I am getting ready to depart to Pennsylvania for one month, I was thinking over the different things I do while I’m away to keep my blog updated. I simply drive from Florida to Pennsylvania twice a year to visit family, so it isn’t any type of business trip, but I do stay for quite some time and that means I need to be thinking about my blog. Continue reading

Go Daddy Auctions

Ever since I started buying and selling domain names for profit, I have experimented with different buying options. I purchased OmegaWeb.com by… Continue reading

Despite what many internet marketers will tell you, blogging is not a quick way to make money. There are tons of people on the Internet trying to sell their e-book that has all of their “secrets” to online success. Continue reading

If you have a slow computer that freezes up often or has many viruses, you can completely erase Windows and install Linux instead. Linux is a free, open-source operating system that runs on a variety of hardware and is compatible with many applications. Continue reading

As of June 13, 2012, Australian electronics retailer Kogan.com is charging customers using Internet Explorer 7 or lower an additional 6.8% on their purchases. IE7 was released in 2006, which makes the browser six years old… The Internet has changed a lot in the past six years and Internet Explorer doesn’t support those new technologies. Things like HTML 5, CSS 3, and advanced PHP and JavaScript coding will not run properly in IE7. This means that web designers either have to ignore that it doesn’t work or place special lines of code that produce an entirely different effect for Internet Explorer users. Continue reading

Ultimatum WordPress Theme Builder. 

When I first started learning how to design websites, I used Adobe Dreamweaver to customize various themes I found on… Continue reading

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