What Programming Language Is Good For Beginners?

If you are interested in starting programming as a career or just need to know some basic skills for a website, you have to start somewhere. Many programming languages are very complex, but can easily be learned in just a couple of weeks. If you are completely new to the concept of computer programming, I would recommend starting in Microsoft Excel by computing values of different cells and things of that nature. If you are a bit more advanced and think you can handle jumping straight into a programming language, I would personally suggest learning HTML. HTML is not necessarily a programming language with variables, loops, and if statements, but it is a great place to start and allows the novice programmer to learn about syntax errors, code editors, and other programming terms without becoming too complex.

If you know HTML well enough to understand what will happen by looking at the source code of a website, you are ready to learn a “real” programming language. I started programming by learning Python, but JavaScript is another easy language for beginners. Both JavaScript and Python are free to create and only require a simple text editor to code with.

Python is a simple programming language that can be used for web servers, prototypes, or other consumer products, but it is not that popular of a language. As far as I’m concerned, learning Python did not provide me with any financial benefits, but it did allow me to start to understand if statements, variables, loops, and other programming concepts. Python is easy because it uses only words, doesn’t have a complex syntax, and is free to use.

JavaScript is one of many coding languages that allows you to interact with websites. Before learning JavaScript, you should have a firm grasp on HTML and CSS because to do anything with JavaScript, you have to be able to create HTML files to run in a web browser. JavaScript can be used to make a calculator for a website, create cookies, or manipulate HTML on a website. If you are a web designer, JavaScript is a very valuable skill and can help you create more dynamic websites.

What Programming Language Is Good For Beginners?

After you have learned JavaScript or Python, I would suggest moving to a more valuable language such as PHP. PHP is the king of all web programming languages, and partnered with MySQL, can be used to recreate a website such as Facebook.