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Purchase Web Design leads, web development leads, online marketing leads and SEO leads obtained from our network of websites.  We get high-quality in-bound leads.  Most of the other web design lead networks get their leads solely from out-bound marketing such as: telemarketing, newsletters and so on, but most of our leads come from direct contact by interested businesses looking for our services and requesting additional quotes.


  • How much do your web design leads cost?
    • The cost of each lead is currently $20, although we reserve the right to change this amount without prior notice.
  • How many times do you sell each lead?
    • We sell a lead a maximum of 5 times.  However, sometimes a lead may only sell a couple of times.  If you compare this with competing with hundreds of other on freelance sites there is no comparison.
  • Do you give refunds for your leads?
    • We do not give refunds, our leads are confirmed via phone or email, so we know that the customer wants the service they are requesting.  So please only purchase leads that you are sure you want.

Tips for winning more web design projects with our leads:

  1. Contact the lead as soon as possible via email or phone, or both,  and possibly set up a time to call them so they are waiting for your call.  Then be sure to call them on time.
  2. Try to solve a problem for then, rather than sell them something, offer them advice and information, not only information about your services, but ask them what they need and try to provide a solution.
  3. Make sure you have a variety of offers to give them and or different services they might be interested it and create package offers.
  4. Make sure you do a follow up call, and ask them for a follow up call after the first call.  Try to set a time again to go over the quote you will send them
  5. Read this article on how to write an effective request for proposal

Web Design Lead Quality

The projects range from web design, SEO, online marketing, web development, graphic design, logo design and writing projects.  These are not cold leads, these leads are ready to buy, so give it your best and you have a good chance.

More Web Design Leads = More Clients!

Why is our Web Design Leads System the Best?

  1. Our web design leads are mostly from in-bound as opposed to out-bound marketing.  This means that our leads are coming in directly to get a quote instead of us contacting them first.
  2. Unlike many other lead brokers, you will be notified when a new lead comes in, but you will not have to purchase any leads until you find one you like.
  3. There are no hidden fees, membership fees or final value fees, you only pay for the leads you want.

There is no Competition, our Web Design Leads and SEO leads are by far the best online!

We have researched our competitors and purchased their web design and SEO leads and found that there is nothing close to the quality we offer.  The reason is that most of our leads come from our high quality, aged and trusted, highly targeted websites that rank for major key phrases worldwide and the clients are directly searching for a web designer, developer, SEO expert or online marketing expert to work with.  They have filled in our form and requested additional quotes on their project, they have been verified by phone or email.  Most other lead vendors selling web design leads send you the leads in a spread sheet and they are usually very low quality leads obtained by “Outbound” telemarketing and or email marketing.  The quality simply is not anywhere near as good as our leads.

How our Web Design Lead System Works:

  1. A lead arrives asking for an estimate on one of our web design related estimate request forms
  2. You will be notified of any new leads via email, at which point you can instantly purchase the lead within the form via PayPal!   You only purchase the ones you want, you will see how much it costs, and a full project description before you purchase it
  3. After you purchase the lead you will get full contact details, the lead is yours, no other fees involved!
  4. Leads are sold a maximum of 5 times, sometimes you are only competing with a few other vendors.

You can simply wait until a lead comes in that fits your needs, then purchase it.  There are no monthly fees or hidden charges.  The leads are mostly in-bound leads, which are far better than out-bound leads generated from telemarketing.